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How to apply: University and College

Option One:

Year 11 or Year 12 students, who want to study in Australia, The options are:


1) Undergraduate diploma courses + University Study (2 years) Diploma study. Time frame is generally 8 months to 1 year. Students can directly access to the sophomore study if they successfully complete the diploma course. Therefore, the length of time of undergraduate degree is three years, and the “Diploma + Bachelor " is still three years. IELTS requirement is 6 points.

2) Select the Fachhochschule (TAFE) university degree transfer programs.Students begin with TAFE learning, after the completion of the corresponding credits in TAFE, students don’t need to take the exam and be able to directly enter universities in Australia, which have an agreement to complete the remaining courses with TAFE. TAFE IELTS requirement is 5.5

3) Apply undergraduate degree directly Some universities can be admitted directly into the freshman learning. IELTS requirement is 6 points

Option Three:

Undergraduate students:


If you have been studying at another university in Australia or overseas you may be able to transfer one of Australian Universities.


If you hold overseas qualifications from a country where English is not the sole language of instruction and assessment, you will need to provide proof of English language proficiency.


To have your university studies considered for admission, you must complete at least one year of full-time study (minimum 0.75 full time equivalent load) within one degree at your university.


- University graduates:

If you have graduated from Undergraduate Course, you may able to apply Postgraduate Coursework or a Postgraduate Research in one of Australian Universities.

Option Two:

College graduates' choices are:


1) Upgraded to Undergraduate Degree: College graduates can apply to enter the sophomore second semester in order to complete the rest of 1.5 years study for undergraduate. Students will achieve undergraduate degree after completion of 1.5 years university study.


2) Upgraded to Master Degree:Full-time three-year college graduates have the opportunity to enroll in two years Master’s Program in Australia Universities. For instance, if you have three years of college study plus years of work experience, you will have the opportunity to apply for Master of Professional Accounting program from Curtin University of Technology.

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1. Complete the Free Assessment Form or send your resume to AMACS.

2. AMACS Consultants will conduct a pre-assessment according to the information you have provided and reply to you within 2-5 working days. We will propose the most suitable solution and pathway with your long-term planning and study purpose in mind.

3. Select your preferred profession and school, prepare and submit your  application. If you meet certain conditions, we can help you to apply for a scholarship. Some Universities in Australia provide partial scholarships to International students studying toward bachelor degrees, and most universities provide scholarships for PhD applications. To find out more about applying for scholarships in Australia, please contact us.

4. Successful applicants receive a Letter of Offer and information on how to accept.

5. You can accept the offer and then you will be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment.

6. AMACS Registered Migration Agent will assist you in preparing the required documents and to submit the visa application.



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